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The best business decision was to join the 90 Day Year Program

If you are a business owner who wears many hats, such as managing marketing, finance, legal, sales operations, product development and more. You know there is nothing more important than being able to manage yourself and your time in order to accomplish your goals. Those are the realities of the Start Up and Ramp Up stages that many businesses do not outgrow.

I am no stranger to these issues. Fortunately, I have outgrown them because the 90 Day Year Program was such a big part of my transformation.

When I first started my online business, I had a ton of ideas and I was working on 4 projects at the same time and completed none of them. Then I was distracted by the “shiny object syndrome” and lost track of what I really wanted to accomplish. Back then I really hoped I did not have to go back to a 9-5 job.

If you are an entrepreneur who has a lot of projects running at the same time, you end up losing your time due to switching from one project to the other. Your brain takes time to re-calibrate and re-gain the momentum you had when you were in the zone so you lose productivity. (believe me, I used to experienced this before).

I heard that my friend and mentor Kimra Luna was working with a coach and much of her success was due to Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Program.

When I learned that she teamed up with Todd Herman to launch this new program I was ready to pay attention. I watched the 90 Day Year™ introductory videos, fireworks really did go off in my head and I realized.

Yes, I haven’t been focused.
Yes, I have been allowing myself to get easily distracted.
Yes, I needed to start outsourcing the stuff I am not good at.


I did not spent too much time to decide and I jumped in and joined his December 2015 program. I knew that if I passed the opportunity to join the program that I would regret it. Today, I find it of immense value and so am still enrolled and it’s been an amazing experience.

I learned a new way to think about my business – more strategic, more focused, more aligned. It taught me how to prioritize, execute and outsource with purpose. I learned how to avoid context switching.

Who is Todd Herman?

Todd is an expert high performance coach. Todd trains Olympians on the mental game and works with Fortune 500 companies and some of the top A-listers in the online space like Marie Forleo, Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield, and James Wedmore – just to name a few.

He is an incredibly gifted coach, teacher and all around awesome human being. I’ve learned so much from him. After watching the free training videos on the course I was instantly hooked. ( I am sure you will also like it).

The 90 Day Year Program opens twice a year. In June and in December.

Today I’m excited to tell you about the best training and system that I have ever come across, and I have personally been through.

What is The 90 Day Year Program?

The 90 Day Year Program by Todd Herman is designed to help entrepreneurs re-shape their business & personal performance through a proven & studied system and process.

Todd Herman’s program is specifically designed for those entrepreneurs and business owners who are feeling frustrated with their or their team’s current level of performance and want to make a change.

If you are truly committed, motivated, ambitious and If you feel like you’re ready for a big change this year then I’d really encourage you to check out Todd Herman and The 90 Day Year.

I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who is fed up with not feeling like they have control over their business and mind. This course doesn’t waste your time, it gives you clarity and perspective and lets you get out of your own way so you can thrive in your business. I promise you will get extraordinary results and meet a TON of inspiring individuals along the way!

I teamed up with Todd and became an affiliate to help promote and share this program because I have seen first hand what an amazing impact it’s made in my business. By clicking on the links above I may receive a commission. I have some additional bonus for you If you join the program through my link. Bonus: (1) Visual Content course (how to create graphics that attract) (2) Private Mastermind group.

It’s not lie when I say I believe everyone deserves to make a career out of doing what they love, it takes work, patience and persistence but it’s the greatest journey you’ll ever go on and is it so worth it.



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