Your business is leaving money on the table by not using LinkedIn effectively. 

LinkedIn is the greatest business opportunity available. It has officially crossed the half-billion user mark since they were founded in 2002. 

Business is about who you know. And LinkedIn is about connecting with relevant people. 

But you can’t quite put a finger on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool.   Much less having to keep it current.

You have an existing social media strategy but have no clue how to use LinkedIn as a lead generation.



You are creating content that isn’t converting more than a few likes.

You need an expert to help you refine your strategy, content and grow.

You want an expert to train you and your team about LinkedIn.

You tired of chasing leads

emailing prospects

attending numerous networking events

and aggressively pitching your products to anyone you meet.

I know how your feel.   Let me show you how to turn connections into relationships and grow your business. 

I am committed to help professionals like you, understand & use LinkedIn as a business development tool rather than a Rolodex of contacts.   And to help you from making random connections to strategic and high-value connections that result in more profitable, long-term opportunities. 

I work with entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, speakers, authors, professional service providers and companies who want to leverage LinkedIn to manage their reputation, build a personal brand, find and engage with prospects and build value-based relationships.  

A few of my specialties are leveraging video, Live streaming, content marketing, email campaigns, website funnels, Alexa Flash Brifings.

Let’s get started.

My Story

I’ve been working in the Real Estate industry most of my adult life.  Back in 2014 I wanted to change gears and start a new career path that would allow me to follow my passion  to help others.  That is when I joined Marie Forleo’s BSchool. This was the guide and the foundation that helped me decide to start an online business as a social media strategist.

I joned Social Media Manager School Fall of 2014. And my view of LinkedIn changed the day I joing this school. 

The fact is that in order to succeed you must stand out from the crowd.  

Your LinkedIn profile is your online reputation. When someone Googles your name, one of the top three things that shows up is your LinkedIn profile.  That is your first impression and digital introduction.

Following my own personal success in making new connections, building brand awareness and driving leads,  I strated teaching others what I’ve learned.  I am passionate about using LinkedIn as a tool for business, reputation management, thought leadership, job opportunities and brand exposure while building both strategic and meaningful, long-term relationships.

Investing time in building relationships matter. I believe we are more than a profile. Being present consistently will help establish relationships and trust.

I want to share with you my Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist


Gracie Ruth
LinkedIn Strategist | Profile Makeovers | LinkedIn Team Workshops