AcuityHave you ever experienced this?  …You have a really great offer on your Facebook business page and someone sends you a message telling you  they are excited about your offer and want to start working with you. Great!  But, you are now asking each other…. “Oh, what about Monday?  What about Tuesday?  Are you available on Wednesday?  How about Thursday?” And what is your time zone?  This could turn in to a “tag-you-are-it” via emails.  (a real-life form of torture) when all you want to do is be productive with the time you have at hand.  Let me tell you, that is exactly what happened to me and to many entrepreneurs when we first get started in our own business.

So how does an entrepreneur set boundaries for themselves and focus on getting things done?

Imagine your potential clients booking a session with you and paying for it right then and there. All without you playing the “tag-you-are-it” game.

Let me introduce you to my BFF, Acuity Scheduling.

I am going  to share with you some of the reasons why I consider Acuity my BFF.

But, before I do, I want to disclose that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you sign up using my links, I will make a commission. But, commission aside, I love, adore, and always recommend Acuity Scheduling because it’s versatile features really work for myself and my clients.  So now, with that out of the way, let’s jump on into to all the reasons why Acuity is the best online scheduling tool.

Imagine being able to send potential clients to a web page where they can schedule an appointment/session with you, pay for their session, AND sign your contract… all without you having to lift a finger. Click To Tweet

Show people you honor and respect their time with one quick link

You can build customized links for each appointment type you need. If someone asks to setup a Skype date with you, send them your link for a free Skype appointment with a quick note attached. I like something along the lines of “I am excited to meet with you over skype. I’ve setup a scheduler so you can pick a time that works for you and we’ll meet up then. Here’s the link,” and then hyperlink it and post it in the body of the message.

Grab the direct link by editing an appointment type and then clicking the button in the upper right corner:





NO MORE time zones confusion again! Yay!  Avoid time zone human error and send a link to a scheduler whenever you need to meet with someone.

Acuity Schedule time zoneCollect payments up front

This is my very favorite part of acuity! No more separate invoices, no more integrations that don’t link up. Acuity allows you to take payments right in their system via Paypal, Stripe, and a few others. If you do paid appointments (like coaching calls or workshops), you have the ability to set a different payment amount for each appointment type and also choose if the payment is due in full or if they can make a deposit. This is really a “sweet” deal!

Get the info you need right away. Intake forms inside Acuity allow you to collect the information you need the moment the appointment is scheduled. These are great for getting Skype usernames, asking them where they heard about you, getting their mailing address so you can send a thank you card, or any other details that are useful to you.




Customize everything

I am stoked that it can be branded and customized to exactly what you need!  You can add your logo and branded colors to customized text on every single email that goes out. I love it!

Customize what emails you’re sending and when you send them like this:

Acuity custom form Acuity questions form

There is no doubt, Acuity could also be your BEST friend in business.  I highly recommend it.


This is really a “no brainer” If you are ready to upgrade your client on-boarding experience, check out Acuity Scheduling.  I believe you will find it robust enough to meet your needs but easy enough to use that you don’t need a degree in IT. Click here to get started with Acuity Scheduling.

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