Todays’ buyers and sellers are more educated than there were back in the 90’s or even in the early 2000’s. Now they browse the internet looking for the right agent to guide them through their next transaction.

They’re looking for someone with in-depth market knowledge.  Someone who is committed to the client.  They want to work with a local real estate market “Expert”  who would let them know what are the sales trends.

You may say “that’s me,”  “they are looking for me!”  However, you must establish yourself as the “expert” before they can work with you.

There are several different paths you can take to be in front of your “ideal client”. I recommend doing Facebook Live and doing it strategically.

You can do a Live streaming while you are participating in local community events.

1. Your local community

Get involved in your local community. If you already are, be sure to share your interests and affiliations on your website and in your social media accounts.

If you have not yet participated in your community at all,  I recommend you contact your local Rotary club, Woman’s club or Humane society and volunteer or become a member.

engage with community

Being involved with your community not only gets your name out there; it also gets you immersed in what’s happening around town and allows you to share those experiences, and that knowledge, with your clients.

Keep in mind that the objective is to build trust among those you meet face-to-face and with your online audience in Facebook.

FB Live Guide

2. Engage with businesses

Your clients may come to you for recommendations for everything from painters, to handymen, to places to eat, to the closest golf course. When you reach out to local businesses and learn more about what they offer, you’ll be able to better answer your clients’ questions.

3. Take a walk in the community

One of the best ways to learn about neighborhoods in your local real estate market is to do a live broadcast where you feature a neighborhood.  Get out there and  take your audience on a tour.  You can talk about the quickest routes from each of your neighborhoods to the airport. Learn the differences among the local grocery stores, bakeries, and coffee shops.

You may say, “yes, all this sounds great, but how would I do this? If I am not technical.”

I’ve got you covered, my friend.

Live video on social media gives agents and brokers a great opportunity for getting the word out about their listings. It gives you the ability to broadcast live video to potential buyers and record and save broadcasts for future promotions. (you can repurpose this) I have more details about how to GO LIVE using the Facebook app in this article click HERE to go read it.

First we’ll star with what you’ll need to get started:

  •  Smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  •  Facebook account (make sure you have a personal profile and a business page)
  •  Facebook app for your smartphone (visit your app store via Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download)


You want to be where you clients are, and that is Facebook.

Most folks in real estate either know Facebook is a goldmine for leads or a dead marketing medium saturated with cat videos and memes.  And you are going to make it work for you to generate leads.

FB Live Guide


4. A Day in the Life: People like to see “behind the scene of your typical work day.  Broadcast an hour of your workday while handling some important things around the office and show people what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes. This allows you to show your Facebook followers and potential clients what you do to aid them in their home buying process and it breaks down that virtual “wall” to make you more approachable.

Interview a home stager on site

Whenever you are preparing a home for sale, turn the camera on and give tips on staging. Ask a professional home stager to help you with this one and show how you work together to maximize the potential of a property.

5.  Discuss the property market with a local specialist

Hold a short interview with a local mortgage broker or economist to give insights to your followers about the market. Don’t forget to tag them in the description to tap into their audience. This livestream video will after all benefit both of you.

Listing and Market Updates

Try using Facebook Live to broadcast market updates throughout the week. You could use this to market brand new listings, inform potential buyers about price reductions, recap your current listings, give quick neighborhood or market updates, or get the word out about upcoming listings. You could even use live video to let your audience know about open houses, community events, and more.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t worry about making this live videos “perfect” people want to see the “real you” in action.  The more you Go Live, the more comfortable you be in front of the camera. If you like, you can even practice “by yourself” Yes, you can set your audience as “Only Me” so that your live-stream isn’t automatically viewable by the public, or select a small audience and invite them to interact with you as you shoot a live practice video.

Be consistent and build your audience.  Work at increasing your influence by generating some buzz about your Facebook Live broadcasts. If people are commenting on your promotional posts, respond to them, thank them for commenting, and keep the conversation going. Also, remember that your live videos are saved as recordings, so you can share and re-share your recorded content at a later date.

Practice makes perfect
FB Live Guide