Consistent Social MediaHaving a consistent social media presence is key to growing and having engagement. Many people have asked me this question again and again…How to post consistent content in social media? Yes, we all are busy running our business and sometimes social media marketing can become tremendously challenging. And you know you need to do it, but trying to find the time to fit it into your already packed schedule can feel like an uphill battle. The first thing I highly recommend is know your audience.  [click_to_tweet tweet=”Success is based on knowing what content your audience likes.  Post content that your audience loves and your social media will be successful.” quote=”Success is based on knowing what content your audience likes.  Post content that your audience loves and your social media will be successful.” theme=”style3″]

1. Schedule a specific time each day for social media

If it’s not schedule, it never gets done. Making a daily time commitment can help to keep you accountable and ensure you don’t procrastinate.  Take the step to block out the amount of time you wish to dedicate to social media on your calendar. Set an alarm on your phone.  Do whatever it takes to make sure you have a block of uninterrupted time during which you are working on your social media marketing goals.   Sit down, put away the distractions and map this out for yourself. The planning flow will look like this:
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
Let’s get started!


 2. Open your calendar

Any calendar will do. If you’re (an old school type of person like myself) get your pen and paper. Or you can use your digital calendar of choice.


Most weeks have a number of trends that you may be able to tag onto in order to gain some great exposure. There are hashtags that are specific for particular days of the week or even weekly social media events that you can tap into. For example:   Wednesdays = #Humpday – We all know what this is. Use it to empathize with your audience, or share something motivational to help people push through.  
  • #ThrowBackThursday or #TBT – This hashtag is to share those old photo
  • #FridayFunday – similar to Monday Funday, show pics of your staff having fun, or it can be more open to sharing anything fun
  • #SocialSaturday – this is probably the most open hashtag of them all, use it to share anything that’s fun and amusing.


Day in and day out No matter who your audience is, they crave 3 types of content:
  • Informational: Things that feed their knowledge.
  • Inspirational: Things that fuel their fire.
  • Entertaining: Things that make them smile.
Daily goal:  To fill all three content types. This goes back to understanding the psychology behind why people share things. Every day you’ll want to fill your content queue with all three types of content.    Remember though– be relevant, to your niche. You may ask, Gracie, How many posts a day should I do? I recommend 3 times a day on Facebook. On Twitter as many post as possible – one tweet every other hour. On Instagram NO more than 3 times a day and leave a few hours in between each post. Try to keep it constant and realistic because you need to feed that content every single day. To keep the feed constant, you either need to be both creating new content and curating.   Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. … Unlike content marketing, content curation does not include generating content, but instead, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion.

3. Focus on One Social Media Channel first

To make things easier for you, make the most of your limited resources, find the one channel that is densely populated with your ideal customers and inhabit it like no other. Note: most people are in Facebook. But you may want to research this to find out where your ideal clients hangs out. The idea is to create a content plan that will become a routine.  Think of it like your “social media bakery” bake in advance and keep it coming and share….daily.  I want to help you by sharing with you my social media content calendar.