Developing your business strategy for 2017 in these simple five steps will help you turn your goals in to reality.

New year, New Opportunities ahead of us… Yay!  

And we are committed to make them happen this year.  Who is with me?  Give me a YES, loud and clear so everyone can hear you….Good, I hope everyone in your office heard you, and even the people across the street heard you.  

The next step is to turn those dreams into goals and put  ACTIONable steps to it so you can have a roadmap that can actually get you to the results you are looking for.   

Turn your dreams into goals & put ACTIONable steps so you can actually achieve your GoalClick To Tweet

I am going to give you a simple framework to organize your next 12 weeks of your online business for ultimate results.

The next 12 weeks is to FOCUS  

because the market and social media platforms keep upgrading daily, and your business will be in a totally different place in a few months from now.

First, get yourself into a quiet place, click HERE to download your content planner.  Having a content calendar will help you stay focus and on track of your work. We are about to get your business organized.


Divide your business into 4 categories: 1) Projects 2) Ongoing 3) $Making 4) List BuildingClick To Tweet

PROJECTS– defined as having a specific aim our outcome with a firm deadline


ONGOING – repetitive responsibilities you have as an a business owner. Things you do daily, weekly and so on…

Now we are going to focus on priorities:

MONEY MAKING – any activity that is going to result in cash money


LIST BUILDING – any activity that is going to grow your audience

1) Brainstorming


This is where you do a “brain dump”, where you write everything and anything that you want to discuss, teach and/or share with your target audience.

  1. Write a guide in-  an ebook style (about your niche)
  2. Start a Facebook group
  3. Create videos
  4. Redesign website
  5. Start a YouTube channel
  6. Facebook Live – interview weekly guests
  7. Host a summit
  8. Hire an assistant
  9. Train the assistant
  10. Launch a program
  11. Create digital course
  12. Run a 5 day Instagram Challenge
  13. Run a FB Live 5 day Challenge
  14. Create a month worth of visual content
  15. Schedule my content for a month in advance
  16. Create each month’s worth of content and schedule it
  17. Host a Mastermind
  18. Create a mini course – How to train your VA
  19. Create a FB Ads course
  20. Create a graphics course

You’re going to pick your top six and put them in order of importance.

How do you decide what’s important? Easy!

Remember…if it’s something that can A. make you money and/or B. grow your audience it goes to the top of the list.

if it’s something that can A. make you money and/or B. grow your audience it goes to the top of the list.Click To Tweet

Extra points if it’s something you already have that you can leverage (like an e-book or a checklist that you created a while ago,  is sitting on the shelf  but never sold).

2) Put it on a calendar and give a time frame to each project


Give each project a 2 week sprint. (if it goes over 2 weeks long, it is too big of a project) The reason it is best to plan to work on a 2 week sprints for each project is to be able to to complete it. (and to minimize distractions and starting several projects at the same time)

The “trick” is to  work on ONE project at a time.  Start with the first one on your list. Then move onto the next and so on…

Evaluate your list of projects, decide the type of support, tools and time you will need to take action on each project.  Go to your calendar, take a look at the next three months of your life and see how much time each project is realistically going to take to complete.

Make a realistic assessment of your time and figure out how many of those projects you will be able to complete within the next 12 weeks.  How many can you complete?  Three or perhaps six projects.

By the end of the first 12 weeks, you will have written and launched your ebook, created a Facebook group, created a batch of videos, and your website redesigned.

If you commit to working each project for 2 weeks each, you’ll also have time to create a batch of graphics for all of your social media accounts.

3) Time to take ACTION


Work on the first project on your list. Write down all the steps to do and complete it.  Don’t look at your next project yet.  Remember, make the task list for your FIRST project.  Write everything down on the editorial planner I shared with you. You can also write it on a notebook. Studies show that hand written notes stay longer on our minds.  You can even write it down on Trello, on Evernote or on Asana.

Now it is time to get to WORK.

Planing strategy

4) Blocking Time on your calendar


Set a side the number of days you want to work through your list of projects and tasks.  If your first project is to write that guide/ebook about specific thing related to you niche in the next 3 to 4 weeks, then schedule it and commit to do to in this designated time.

In order to avoid overwhelm, do one action task at a time. Ask yourself what needs to be done before you dive into this action task?

Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.  Remember take small steps and work on the things that you can take care of now.

Block time on calendar

 5) Plan your ongoing business responsibilities


What are the ongoing daily tasks for your business?

This usually falls under one of the following:

  1. sales/marketing – eg: live stream, fb groups, ads, consults, follow ups, weekly blog/podcast/content etc.
  2. biz admin/team management – eg: email, team meetings, web maintenance, book keeping, social media scheduling, etc.
  3. client work and/or customer care – prep work, private sessions, email coaching, etc.

What are you doing each week to market your business, manage your team or make your current clients happy?  What marketing activities are fun for you or really get you major results?

Plug in your projects in order of priority for the next 12 weeks. Schedule in daily “project time” alongside your ongoing business  responsibilities.

Remember that while you are working on your marketing plan, you must make sure you are “selling” something every single month in your business!

Write down your intentions.

What you are going to be selling in January, February and March and keep track of it.  For instance, if your goal is to in $5,000 in January, what products and/or services are going to create this results? I would make this a top priority on my calendar.

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Remember that a goal is just a dream without a deadline.

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