Grow your business on Twitter Twitter,  the 140 characters and the hashtagged lingo. And for that reason they stay away from the One social media platform that is in Real Time. However, major retailers have learned the essentials of the Internet’s fastest-growing and most talk-about social media platform and are using it to their advantage. Why not you?!

Twitter gives you powerful context to connect your message to what’s most meaningful to your customers in real time. And engaging can influence conversations in a way that can help build your business.

Here are 5 basic tips to get you started.

1.Make a profile

Fill it out completely, providing a good description of your business, and a link to your company Web site.

2. Engage with Influencers Across Social Media & Email

Capture the attention of influencers, you need to engage with them directly. Start by finding and adding them on LinkedIn. The culture of LinkedIn is very conducive to networking, as that’s the main function of the site. Search for Twitter users in your sector who have a lot of followers and watch what they’re saying.

3.Care & share

Start retweeting interesting posts from others. Participate in discussions. Search on your company name and find customers with problems – then solve them. Share news about your company too. Share and Share. It all starts with content curation, which means sharing content created by other people that brings value, interest, or entertainment to your target audience. In this case, your target audience consists of influencers you want to start following you.

4. Offer Value

Focus on building up your own social media presence so you can offer value to the influencers that you want to follow you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through creating your own high-quality content, such as well-researched blog posts that provide new value, or an infographic that presents data about your industry in a new way, providing new insights.

5. Promote

Feature your Twitter handle prominently on your own site and in all your marketing materials to help customers and prospects connect with you on Twitter and build your following.

It takes time and energy to build a substantial social media following. However, ultimately is worth the payoff of increased traffic to your site, you are seen as the “go-to” person and you close more sales.

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