5 tips to get clients in Facebook GroupsHow to get clients in Facebook groups (or anywhere!)

Today we have a guest post from Taylor Manning of Taylor Manning Creative, an online marketer and WordPress web designer.

Something we’re hearing all the time lately is how beneficial being in private social communities can be for growing your business and your knowledge in a certain area.

You can find information on Twitter chats on my blog, and while Google+ and LinkedIn communities are great, Facebook groups are something that are growing in popularity and can be incredibly useful.

When I first started joining a few Facebook groups, I was confused on where the use was for me. It seemed like the groups I was in were full of people doing what I do (online marketing) or who were doing what I do themselves.

However, an ah-ha moment happened for me and since then, I have been scheduling interviews and chats and gaining new clients from these groups with no trouble at all every single week.

These strategies can be changed to work for you no matter what type of service or product you sell. All it takes is a little time and enthusiasm and people will feel obligated to purchase from you.

Tip #1: Choose your groups strategically

When you are looking for and deciding on Facebook groups to join, don’t only join the groups for people in your industry. While this is a great place to start, there are so many benefits for joining the groups that your target audience is hanging out in.

As a marketer, my target audience is bloggers, coaches and online businesses. While the groups they are in may not be something I would have typically joined, it puts me right in front of hundreds or thousands of prospective clients.

My Creative Corner community is growing and we would love to have you there. If you have any interest in connecting with bloggers, entrepreneurs and creatives, definitely join us.

Tip #2: Answering questions

This tip is the obvious one and one you have probably seen everywhere. At first, I didn’t see how answering a question about marketing for someone who is going to be doing it themselves anyway would sell my service.

The truth is, it doesn’t to that particular person. However, once you start looking like an active, helpful professional in the group people will start to notice you. When other people decide to hire for services or purchase a product like yours, you will be the first on their mind.

Everyday, spend a set amount of time, even just 15 minutes, to answer questions in Facebook groups. Even just answering a few questions everyday can build your reputation as an active member.

Tip #3: Reach out and offer your knowledge

Something I started doing to sell my web design services was going through the promo threads in the more popular groups I am apart of and going to everyone’s websites.

Then, I created a spreadsheet that holds all of the URL’s of users in those groups that could use a redesign. That way, I can contact each one at my leisure while I have free time.

Finally, as I have time I create a list of ideas and tips for each of them to improve their website. I don’t hold back at all and I just list all of my comments. I put this list into a branded PDF template and let them know what group I came across them in and to feel free to use my ideas any way they please and to reach out if they need help or are interested in a complete redesign.

So far, for every 10 of these quick PDF’s I create I nail in one web design client. That’s a solid conversion rate of 10% for my highest profiting service. You could do this for any service and product out there. When you take the time to provide someone with custom advice, they really appreciate it and often times feel obligated and excited to move forward with working with you.

Tip #4: Promote when asked and do not spam

Facebook groups are very particular with their rules and the best ones seem to allow absolutely no self-promotion unless it is part of that days thread. Many groups post multiple promotion threads throughout the week where you can pitch your self and share your links. These are excellent threads that you can actually take advantage of in multiple ways.

Firstly, you can do the obvious and pitch yourself. I suggest coming up with a solid pitch you can reuse over and over again in this situation that tells who you are, what you do and whom you do it for.

The next way to use these threads is by keeping an eye out for possible clients. When I first came across this method I was distracted all day long checking back in with the post. Now, I come back at the end of the day and create a list of all of the users I want to reach out to personally or follow on social so I can do so throughout the week at my leisure.

Tip #5: Make sure your website is ready to be seen

When people find an interest in your through a Facebook group the first place they are going to go to learn more about you is your website. Make sure you have a solid home page, about page, optin and blog that gives all the information they need to know, a way to connect with you and content to read and trust you.

No matter how great you pitch yourself, people will lose the trust and excitement factors that go into gaining new clients if they end up on an empty or unprofessional website page.

On the other hand, if you website has all the information they want to learn and ways for them to connect with you, you are golden. You want to be proud and confident to share your URL with others when you are networking and selling in these groups.

Are you looking for new Facebook groups to join? My mastermind and networking group, The Creative Corner, is a great place to start to connect with bloggers, entrepreneurs and creative.