Over the past few months, this social media platform has brought a new way of ordering posts. And people have been found to be sharing more photos, liking often and commenting regularly and basically, engaging with people.


Some people day this is a “copy cat” from Snapchat. Hey, if it works, let’s use it! This app has been used to share artfully-captured photos by users in their profile to highlight moments when traveling to beaches with white sand; when they see something that is unusual; when they have just eaten something they’re not used to eat; when they see something panoramic; when they want to boast about what they have made and accomplished ; and when they just feel like they want to see their faces filtered with  Clarendon, Slumber, Nashville and other kinds of filters and all random things they want their particular followers like exes and parents to see things  associated with them.


Small and big businesses have been taking advantage of the emergence of Instagram. It has been one among the channels like Facebook that is now used for online selling and buying. Now, if you’re a seller, make your own account in Instagram to post your products you would want to be sold. Dresses, shoes, jewelries, watches, name it all… you could all include anything you would want to sell, except for anything that doesn’t belong to categories of ‘pleasant’, though. The next thing you could do is to attract followers. However, a lot of shops’ accounts has been following random users in attempt and in hope to be followed back by users whom they follow. Unfortunately, when they’re followed back, these shops’ accounts are flooding their feeds thus, most of these hopeful sellers are being unfollowed by users who are uninterested of the products they’re posting. And these sellers end up following random users again, in hope of attracting customers, and the cycle goes again and again.

Now if you’re one of these sellers going round in circles, here is what you’ve been waiting for ages.


The 2nd day of August 2016, marks the birth of a new Instagram feature that lets you capture and share all the moments of your life, you could ever wish to do, not just the ones you would want to keep on your profile. And when you would want to share multiple videos and photos, you can now add them together as a slideshow format to make your story.

This new feature has captivated almost all of Instagram users’ interests to update their Instagram app in Google play to experience a new way of sharing moments, except to other users who doesn’t have a space in his phone memory for updating the Instagram app.

Basically, this new feature does not just improve the quality and mode of sharing but also in improving and helping businesses to grow.  You can check out my stories at:


As an online seller promoting your business, you would be posting and posting and posting your products hours by hours to let your followers see your product and attract customers. Unfortunately, the common problem that online sellers meet is the possibility of being unfollowed by users due to over posting, which commonly floods a users’ feed and blocks the updates of their friends. And being unfollowed would mean losing probable customers.

With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about over posting. You can share your products as much as you can. The Stories you share will disappear after 24 hours without worrying of flooding your followers’ feeds and get the high risks of being unfollowed.

Insta Stories also makes space for creativity in your stories. You can sell your products efficiently by posting photos and videos that is attached with text like the price, brands, and qualities of your product by using text and drawing tools in the app. You can also make a slideshow of pictures of how your products like blenders, hair colors works for instance or how it will be used. With stories, your probable customers who would see your posts can see clearly the effectiveness of that particular product.

Instagram Stories phones


Moreover, Instagram Stories would let you as seller monitor who gained interest in your product. With Insta Stories, you can see who viewed your story. And there are no likes or public comments. If someone wants to comment on your posts who get interested in your product, he will be sending a private message to you on Instagram direct. This would let you engage in your customer more intimately, thus giving you high risks of profitability.

Are you taking advantage of Instagram stories? This is in my humble opinion, way better than snapchat. You can ad a photo to IG stories, add text, add color and even emojjes. You can add a short 10 second video and you can have up to 10 stories ( or 10 minute videos there) where you share what you are doing in business, in life or even behind the scenes of your videos or projects.

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On the other hand, this new feature does not only benefits the sellers but also the buyers. If some of the users unfollows you for over posting, some users are not. Some are also fond of online shopping, driven by laziness to go out to malls and browse dresses and pick what they would like.

With Instagram Stories, if you are a user who would want to see more often products being sold, you can see stories from people you follow at the top of your feed. To view a seller’s story, just tap on their profile photo and start shopping. If you’d like something to buy, you can tap and send the seller a direct message of the product of your choice.

It would also be easier for a prospect buyer to see if there are new products available posted in a seller’ account. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.

The emergence of this new feature comes along the development of businesses. With Instagram Stories, buying and selling will be easier, as well as advertising with no fee except for the internet fee. Definitely, Instagram Stories will be a good instrument for an efficient trading in the business world.

As I say in the tutorial video – remember if you are using Instagram Stories for your Brand/Business – remember to stay focused! Keep your brand and target audience in  mind when you are recording Instagram Stories. 

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