LinkedIn Profile


This option is ideal for:

The busy professional who lacks time and creativity to articulate their professional brand in writing.

We work with you to gain key information about your career history and we tell that story in a compelling way.

We highlight your professional reputation and credibility emphasizing key accomplishments.

We write your profile for you, adding the right keywords in the right places, clarity on who you serve and the solutions you offer.

Includes a custom designed header image that highlights your brand.

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You feel that your LinkedIn Profile is not an accurate reflection of your expertise & credibility. 
  • You have heard of keywords, but don’t know where to place them in order to show up in search results.
  • Your profile reads like a resume, but you run a business, you’re not looking for a job! 
  • You feel insecure about the content & tone of your profile 
  • You are busy and prefer to focus on what you do best – & hire me for what I do best!

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